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About us

Harvest Perdana Kompakindo was established in 2003 as Reseller Coorporate of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Hewlett Packard (HP). At the beginning of the trip as a partner, PT Harvest Perdana Kompakindo (HPKOM) started by providing goods / hardware purchasing services such as Server, Storage, Computer Devices and Laptops.

But over time, the more services provided by PT Harvest Perdana Kompakindo (HPKOM) such as Hardware, Software, up to Service / Service.

PT Harvest Perdana Kompakindo (HPKOM) has made many sales to various customers, ranging from National Private Companies, Multinational, and Government Agencies.

PT Harvest Perdana Kompakindo (HPKOM) continues to improve the quality and added value as Distributor of several brands / solutions effective and appropriate for the Customer. In the distribution process PT Harvest Perdana Kompakindo (HPKOM) cooperates with several channels and dealers in Indonesia.

In providing solutions and services, PT Harvest Perdana Kompakindo (HPKOM) continues to develop and enhance cooperation relationships with Distributor Companies and Sub-distributors. With the co-operation, PT Harvest Perdana Kompakindo (HPKOM) hopes to better provide the best services from various sides: efficient device solutions and some technical services.

Vision & Mission


"Being a leading Company in providing service solution strategy for IT products"


  • As an IT service provider company that is committed to always ahead.
  • Provide benefits to customers through effective services and solutions
  • Develop business opportunities through an integrated system and distribution network
  • Provide added value to customers, owners of companies and investors


"Being a leading Company in providing service solution strategy for IT products"

Key Success Factor

"Being a leading Company in providing service solution strategy for IT products"

  • Providing quality products and prioritizing customer interests
  • Each worker is able to provide reliable services by the Company
  • Develop the company's business and distribution network
  • Improving corporate image to strengthen business / business competition


As an additional value distribution and System integration company, we serve


Hardware Suppliers and make the maximum business correlation and mutual benefit

Pre Sales Support

Designing, Consulting, Presenting, Demo Testing dan Training.

Post Sales Support

Warranty Claim, Troubleshooting, and other Technical Support, including maintenance.

System Analyst, IT consultant, Blue print IT designer



Kawasan Industri Jembatan III Blok D No. 1A

Jakarta Utara - 1444

Phone   +62 21 6669 6767

Fax   +62 21 6669 1737